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Google Offers Launched in Two Key Cities – New York and San Francisco

As what I have read on my daily readings back on February, Google Offers (Google’s daily deal program) was launched right after their failed attempt to acquire Groupon. After focusing on Portland as the only city to have the program available for the last few months, Google has finally decided to expand their reach. Google Offers has just been launched in San Francisco and New York. So, if you’re doing business in either of those cities, now is the time to take advantage of this opportunity and sign up. Keep in mind that (unlike Groupon) Google Offers is still in a very young state. That can be good and bad. The good side is that none of your competitors have taken advantage of this opportunity. The bad news is that if there are bugs in the system, you’ll be the group that could run into them. However, we believe that this risk is definitely worth the potential reward!

The next cities on the coming soon list are Boston, Austin, Denver, Seattle, and Washington D.C. That’s 3 cities down and more than 400 to go if they want to catch Groupon. It’s good to see Google taking their time with this launch and getting it right. I wish they have something similar in Asian countries.


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