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Limoges and Music Boxes Make Precious Gifts

My close friend of ten years celebrated her daughter’s 8th birthday two weeks ago. For some reason, finding a present for a person or child is difficult for me, especially when I give gifts to the same person twice or three times a year. After looking for some items at the mall and browsing sites on the Internet, I found a thread in a forum that discussed about different unique presents to give our loved ones. Someone mentioned an item they called a Limoges box. It was the first time I heard about it so I decided to do some research on why it was named such.

Limoges is actually a place in France and is known for its medieval enamels and 19th century porcelain. A Limoges box is intricately designed and can be used for more than just a decorating item. Some people use it to store loose change, jewelry, and keys. Another valuable gift a young girl will appreciate, as I have found out, is a music box. A member of the forum talked about how much her 10 year old daughter valued the music box given to her by her grandmother.

Music boxes or Limoges boxes come in numerous designs and can be bought online. Some websites allow you to shop by price or by preferred features in the music box, such as: ballerina, butterflies, flowers, etc.

Some of the best sites suggested to me were and and they’re definitely worth checking out. I can’t wait for the arrival of the item I purchased! I am now positive that my God daughter will love it as well.


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