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Sweetest Lesson: The more you struggle, the more you sink.

We are currently either trying to mend this relationship or totally forgetting it ever existed. Please pray for us to those who know us personally. Life is a matter of choices, yet we have been taking the path of hardships and struggles. We have chosen to keep correcting and live in the act of making the other be the best for the other. What a sad fact. I wish life was about accepting who he or she is not only during his or her BEST OF THE BEST SELF but also during his/her most unpredictable and unlikeable state. Love is unconditional as they say, but only a few people live it after saying they really do. If you truly love someone, it is not task to comfort her and listen to her, always a pleasure. And if you love him, you should always be lifting his confidence and correct when necessary. But when necessary becomes all the time, then sit together and talk. With minds and hearts and mouths slow to speak and slow to anger. Love should be bounding both not hate and anger. Love forsaken for a day of argument is a step away from falling in love. A week, a month, a year, is forgetting you ever loved him or her. Read your dare book. Come to see what its like to love someone unconditionally most especially when she is the hardest person to love coz you don’t get love back.


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