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Opportunity Knocks in Online Slot Tournaments

Since its inception in the late 1800s, the slot machine has consistently been one of the most popular games at casinos – both for the casino owners and players alike. The casino owners like the fact that they were designed to return only 80-90 percent of the players’ money, while the players enjoy the machine’s accessibility, its entertainment value, and the potential to win BIG. However, more recently, a new trend has emerged: slot tournaments, which allow players to still experience the fun of the game while limiting their expenditure (potentially to zero!).

Online or Offline:

The most basic division in slot tournaments comes from whether it is in a physical casino or online. In a physical casino, after registering for a tournament, you are assigned a specific machine and time to play. Then you are given a set amount of credits to play with and an amount of time to use them. The winner is determined by the person with the highest amount of winnings at the end. Although online slot tournaments are very similar because you don’t need physical slot machines, so more people are generally able to participate.

“Freeroll” or Fee:

Also, online slot tournaments, at least, may be further divided into two categories: “freeroll” tournaments, and fee tournaments. In the second of these, fee tournaments, each player pays a small entry fee upon registration that is pooled and then divided up into the prizes for the winners. These tournaments may either follow the formula described in the previous paragraph, or follow the “Sit’n'Go” method of online poker. In this method there is no specific start time, and instead, the tournament starts when all the seats are filled. This type of tournament is particularly effective online because so many players are able to participate that the fee can be as little as $1 while still maintaining a temptingly large prize.

Unsurprisingly, the “freeroll” tournaments are the most popular because they offer cash prizes. This means that, without risking anything, the participants stand to gain what can often be a great deal of money. However, because freeroll tournaments are such a good deal, they fill up extremely quickly. So, if you want to register for one, it’s best to do so as far in advance as possible.

From all this, it should be clear that, whether you are paying for the tournament or not, online slot tournaments are a fantastic opportunity for slot lovers and free money seekers alike.


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