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Pop Up Trade Show Displays are the Key to Popularity

Marketers nowadays consider the option of having a pop up booth in trade shows and other events. The good thing about this type of presentation is the way it boosts one’s presence and brand. Trade show displays are available in a number of varieties and models, including sizes from three feet in width to twenty feet – depending on the company’s choice. These displays mostly have a framework made of lightweight alloy. Smaller sizes of pop up displays can be utilized side by side with other stands to create a different impact and to market other products your company manufactures or vends. Larger sized pop up displays can stand on their own and look impressive and striking on their own, especially with the help of backlights. Special panels and lights are installed behind the display while a large graphic is in front, giving the graphic an attractive appearance.

Having a trade show pop up gives your establishment a strong chance in getting a vast customer base. On top of having an eye-catching display, your selling techniques and products will also matter. In today’s economy, pop up exhibits have never been less expensive and there are other online companies that offer life time guarantees on the pop up’s frames.

If you plan on having attractive pop up trade show displays but have no clue on what design to create, you can always check out other stylish display solutions available in the market. If this is something you choose not to do because you prefer to be unique, you can simply consult a graphic specialist who can help you out with the design. After you come up with a design you like, look for a company that specializes in exhibiting and event needs – like Camelback Displays Inc. and you are ready to flaunt that display.


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