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Entrecard is indeed one of the greatest sites I’ve seen. I’ve came across this site on one of the forums I’ve been following and checked it out. Their concept is, you are a publisher and at the same time advertiser, but not that you would actually be paying money to advertise your “ad” on other entrecard user sites, all you have to is earn credits thru their system and pay using those credits. Each entrecard site has a price of its own depending on how popular and how many readers the site has.

I personally find their system amusing. I spent the whole day “dropping cards” and paying credits to advertise my “ad” to other sites. I also noticed a boost of traffic on my blog. I think has a long way to go and if there is one thing lacking with their system, its probably managing multiple blog entries coz I’ve noticed that you are only to submit 1 blog on 1 account.

This is my entrecard.
Tabbyfied Blog Entrecard
To all Entrecard users out there, feel free to write a recommendation for my site and I would do the same to yours.


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