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Wika2007 Blog Writing Contest

I just have to blog about this to help promote my own language and homeland, the Philippines.

The guys from pinoyblogosphere is throwing up a contest to trumpet the beauty and strength of the Filipino Language in line with this year’s Buwan ng Wika theme: Maraming Wika, Matatag na Bansa(Free translation: “A gift of tongues for a strong nation”). With the significance of the Internet in shaping the culture today, blogging about the Language will not only enforce the online Filipinos’ love for their native tongue, but also promote it to bloggers around the world.

So calling all fellow bloggers out there. Let us support this contest and let’s all be proud to be pinoy. Sumulat para mamulat ang iba tungkol sa ating mahal na Pilipinas! Wow, that actually rhymed…

This article has been tabbyfied! \m/^_^\m/


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  2. It is one of things I can never understand … how people can think that way. It’s so illogical that it can only be based upon moronity.

    April 11th, 2008
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