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Pinoy bloggers interviewed in TV

As I was browsing channels on our TV yesterday, my attention was caught when GMA 7′s Mel & Joey talk show featured a topic about how blogging would be an alternative way of earning income.
Mel and Joey Talk show
I was anxious to know who will they interview about the topic. First I thought it would be Marc Macalua of SEO Philippines coz he really should be famous about all this online revenue generation thing since he’s the founder. I also thought GMA 7 would have a word with Google Philippines representative, Aileen Apolo, to give insights about the matter. And to my suprise, it was Abe Olandres talking about the topic.
Abe Olandres of Yugatech
He enlightened people on how they actually could earn online thru blogging, I was pretty excited if he would spill the beans of how he actually earns online, but he was pretty safe on discussing the matter. He talked about how getting traffic would help a person earn online, about being a publisher of advertisements and they showed a couple of images showing affiliate programs like Text-Link-Ads and others, but I think they didn’t show any Google adsense footages there. I’m not sure. Abe blog about this here. He also have welcome notes from Mel & Joey here.

J. Angelo Racoma was interviewed too, he talked about how he learned about “problogging” as a corporate blogger and on how a blog could earn $1000-5000/month.

It’s really great knowing fellow filipinos do excel in the latest trend in I.T. today. It gives me that pride that Filipinos would always be competitive in any field. Mabuhay kayo mga pinoy bloggers! \m/^_^


  1. Hi! The original interview I had with them a month ago was about 2 hours long. I discussed a lot of things with them but I guess the 2-minute feature was squeeze to much to delve deeper into the topic. Thanks!

    August 21st, 2007
  2. Hey! Kamusta? :)

    Aileen Apolo
    August 21st, 2007
  3. yea, i was pretty surprised that marc wasn’t the one interviewed, although that could probably be due to marc’s own decision. if there’s anybody who’d want to keep his secrets hush-hush, it’d be him, i think. after all, he posts enough in his blog. :D

    September 4th, 2007


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