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Commenting on blogs…now a business!?

Buy Blog Comments business
Yes it is…The fact that there are a lot of ways on how to earn thru the internet, this site above is one way to do it. The site is a business where you buy a package of blog comments for your blog. It seems to be legal, for whitehatters that is, but as far as SEO is concerned, I think i’m quite skeptical about the effect of blog comments on how this could actually help the website ranking in SERPS. This might give an impression on the click visits on your blog but I think this would not give any weight on how the weblog would rank on the SERPS.

The fact that rel=”nofollow” tag is widely used on blog comments link so that commenters’ website will not get any weight in the serps, I think guys from BBC(BuyBlogComments) should look into this. I mean, think of it, if you buy their package deals let’s say package 1, 100 blog comments, I believe it’s just like acquiring 100 visitor clicks from a 3rd party, self-proclaimed traffic provider websites, just like TrafficSwarm. I actually have experience with this kind of sites, but it made me realize that it was not worth when the time my adsense check was about to be released, I got an email from the Adsense team saying that one of my websites has illegally acquired visitor clicks from a 3rd party software and that I should stopped the use of it or else I would be penalized. I still have to study about this blog comment buying to see the pros and cons about it. I might be wrong about this that’s why I sure wanna hear feedbacks from the SEO gurus out there. \m/^_^


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