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Driving around the Australian continent

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Australia is considered to be the world’s smallest continent and is located at the southern hemisphere of the globe. Its 7,617,930 square kilometers (2,941,299 sq. mi) landmass gives you an idea that you really need to learn the basics first before hitting the road.

If you haven’t been there before, driving in a foreign place for the first time (especially in the outback) would mean a having extra preparations and you must follow road safety and traffic guide for uncertain possibilities could get you else where. You expect long hours facing an outstretched road (boring it may seem but it does go for miles). You encounter big heavy trucks out of no where (and you can’t mess up with them). You may find that there are no opportunities to re-fuel in the next kilometers or even the chance of having refreshments…

Not to mention that any travel across designated Aboriginal Land will require permission from the owners beforehand. As the permit process varies from state to state (and can take up to six weeks to obtain). The most important thing then that you should remember should you go off road is to seek local advice on your intended route as well as ensuring that someone locally knows of your travel plans. If your vehicle does break down in a remote area stay with it do not attempt to walk. Generally people who stay with their vehicles are located quickly and easily. It is best to contact the national parks’ controlling body in each state prior to your journey. It is a legal requirement that any gates opened to allow your vehicle to pass through are closed afterwards.

Also prepare other things like looking for hotels where you can stay for the night. Hotels in Australia are known for its reasonable price, ranging from 1-star to the elegant 5-star hotels. Most Australians live on the coast. You might want to stay in Gold Coast Hotels to give you the perfect view of the city at night having that scenery of people making the most of the moment. Noosa Hotels, Cairns Hotels and Sydney Accommodation offer you a lot of options to choose from that promises an equally executive quality service.

Once you get all things set up you’re ready to go and find yourself in for an experience you would savor for a lifetime.


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